Slayer never needed a mouse for speed

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Thanks to my daily surfing of mac.appstorm, I have stumbled upon a speed-laden, time bending, productivity app for Mac OS X. It is faster than Dave Lombardo’s double bass in a Slayer riff.

Meet Alfred.


I see Alfred as another nail in the coffin for the most common hand held peripheral, the mouse. Hell Awaits.

Especially handy on planes, trains, and in our 150 sq. ft. Motorhome Office of Design And Technology, this app saves space and time.

Here are some of my personal highlights from hanging with Alfred:

  1. File searching at Slayer speeds
  2. Painless Dictionary and Calculator
  3. Anti-Dock app opening
  4. Searching web services by keyword (youtube snagbird, flickr jeanettevieira)

mac.appstorm is giving away 5 FREE Powerpack licences for the Alfred app, so click here and go get yours!

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